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WPAN/ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) Toolkits

SeaSolve’s ZigBee Toolkit is a highly optimized platform for accurately testing ZigBee devices. The toolkit provides a set of individual, reconfigurable VIs for various Compliance tests covering the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee platform, which can be integrated into the manufacturing process or utilized in development.

ZigBee toolkit measures EVM, Centre Frequency Tolerance, Maximum Transmit Power, Receiver Sensitivity and related parameters using Configuration, Acquisition and Measurement VI’s.

SeaSolve’s ZigBee Toolkit, concurrent with user-defined parameters, facilitates the deployment of a comprehensive compliance testing setup that reduces the time to market and minimizes hardware and deployment costs. SeaSolve’s ZigBee Toolkit provides flexibility to configure various parameters such as trigger, attenuation, and power levels.

The ZigBee toolkit is designed to be used as .dll library and to integrate seamlessly with TestStand. For testing the receiver and transmitter performance of the ZigBee DUT, baseband signal generation software and baseband signal analysis software are integrated within the ZigBee Toolkit APIs.

The ZigBee toolkit is based on the powerful PXI platform with the NI PXI-5660 RF Signal Analyzer and NI PXI-5670 RF Signal Generator.

This inexpensive set up provides one of the most optimized solutions ideal for reducing test times and speeds up product development.

Toolkit VI’s

  • Configuration VI’s help to configure the RFSA for Power Spectral and Time domain Measurements
  • Acquisition VI’s return the waveform acquired by the RFSA for Power Spectral and Time Domain Measurements
  • Measurement VIs include EVM, PSD, CFO, Transmit Power and Receiver Sensitivity VIs which aid the testing process

Tests Supported by ZigBee Toolkit

Transmitter tests
Receiver Tests

Test Configuration

Transmitter test Configuration
Receiver test Configuration
ZigBee Resource


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