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ZigBee Signal Generator

WPAN /ZigBee(IEEE 802.15.4) Signal Generation Solution

The WiPAN LVSG signal generation solution is designed to generate IEEE 802.15.4 compliant signals in the 2450/868/915 MHz bands. WiPAN LVSG seamlessly integrates with the NI PXI RFSG 5670 vector signal generator. WiPAN LVSG gives full control over PHY and MAC parameters and facilitates the user to define a delay between packets with options to save and load MPDU and payload configurations (MSDU) to/from a file.

To save time and speed up the development process, WiPAN LVSG facilitates the generation of frames by customizing the MAC settings or building a sequence of frames. Customizing MAC settings can be done in three flexible options (Load MPDU data, Advanced Configuration, or Default settings). Sequences of different frames can also be generated.

WiPAN LVSG allows modeling and viewing of various impairments for simulation purposes and facilitates the viewing of key measurements with IQ plots, Eye Diagrams, Constellation diagrams (before and after pulse shaping) and a Power Spectral Density Plot.

IQ Plot of first 100 samples

IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee signal generation solution is available for all three IEEE 802.15.4 radio bands.

To test, measure and analyze the performance of ZigBee receivers operating in 2450 MHz band.

WiPAN LVSA 868/915

To test, measure and analyze the performance of ZigBee receivers operating in 868.3 to 924 MHz bands.

Supported frequency range
Modulation formats Supported
MAC Frames Supported

Generate frames with same/varying sequence number

Import options
Save Options
Encryption Algorithm

Generate multiple frames or sequence of frames in one shot

Mode of Transmission
Supported Data configuration patterns
Impairments Supported

Generate multiple frames or sequence of frames in one Generates signals in all the 16 channels

Set up

MAC Frame Format

Modeling Of Impairments

Dot Verification of chipset designs
Dot Communicate with devices within and outside PAN
Dot Researchers and academicians can carry out their research on IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz) WPANs with ease
Dot IP vendors can validate their WPAN IP for market acceptance
Dot Generates ideal and impaired data which helps the designers to Test/Analyze Receiver performance with ease
Dot Easy to use GUI
Dot Designers can move quickly from the simulation domain to generation of real world WPAN signals
Dot Seamless integration with NI PXI 5670 RFSG
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