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ZigBee Signal Analyzer

WPAN /ZigBee(IEEE 802.15.4) Signal Analysis Solution

The WiPAN LVSA 2450 signal analysis solution is designed to capture, measure, and analyze IEEE 802.15.4 compliant signals in the 2450 MHz bands.

The Analyzer yields both raw and detailed measurements with complete MAC information. It allows the user to take advantage of high-efficiency testing and measurement by defining a suitable span, trigger, attenuation, and reference levels.

WiPAN LVSA lets the user save the acquired IQ and MAC data

Analyzer is capable of capturing signals, performing symbol synchronization, frequency synchronization, and neutralizing front-end non idealities. The receiver performs EVM calculation as per the standard’s specification.

In addition, colorful waveforms of data along with markers, zoom, and other GUI options add a third dimension to signal analysis and acquisitions.

WiPAN LVSA seamlessly integrates with the NI PXI RFSA 5660 vector signal analyzer. Its powerful analysis capabilities help scientists, engineers, and academicians to better understand the transmitter characteristics of a ZigBee DUT.

The power of WiPAN LVSA helps save time, money, and speeds up the development process while reducing associated development risks.

For engineers working with today’s emerging ZigBee technology, SeaSolve’s signal analysis solution-WiPAN LVSA is an indispensable tool for research, product development and product manufacturing.

IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee signal analysis solution is available for all three IEEE 802.15.4 radio bands

To test, measure and analyze the performance of ZigBee transmitters operating in the 2450 MHz band.

WiPAN LVSA 868/915

To test, measure and analyze the performance of ZigBee transmitters operating in the 868 and 915 MHz bands.

Supported frequency range
Saving options
Display Parameters
Extensive Graphical capabilities

Set up

IEEE 802.15.4 Signal Analysis set up to analyze/study the Transmitter characteristics of WPAN device

RF Measurements

RF Measurements
Baseband Measurements

RF Measurements: Power Spectrum Plot, Occupied Bandwidth, Power in Upper & Lower bands

Baseband Measurements

IQ Plot

MAC Parameters

WiPAN LVSA Advantages

Dot Characterize overall physical layer characteristics of IEEE 802.15.4/ ZigBee transmitters
Dot Real time capture and plotting of IEEE 802.15.4 signals
Dot Elegant and easy to use
Dot Fast and accurate analysis
Dot Designers can move quickly from simulation domain to analysis of real world 802.15.4 signals
Dot Verification of chipset designs
Dot Seamless integration with NI PXI 5660 RFSA
Dot Quickly identify and debug errors
Dot Diagnose RF problems
Dot Analyze the effects of impairments
Dot Aids each stage of development and manufacturing to troubleshoot and identify deviations from ideality
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