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ZigBee Automated Compliance Test Solution

ZigBee aCT is a ZigBee Automated Compliance Testing solution that executes a sequence of Tx and Rx tests to characterize a DUT's compliance and performance in accordance with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and generates detailed test reports This solution enables the user to test the ZigBee DUTs with minimal user input requiring just the configuration parameters to be input for each test.

The tests provided are optimized for speed to reduce test times and are verified for their accuracy with various RF Chipsets from leading manufacturers.

The software integrates with the National Instruments' vector signal generator and analyzer hardware to provide a complete test-bench solution. The main advantage of this solution includes test automation with minimal user input and the ability to save test results in easy-to-read report formats. ZigBee aCT performs several compliance tests on any or all of the 16 frequency channels numbered 11 to 26.

With the help of the DUT's firmware, the control of the DUT is handled by ZigBee aCT through RS-232 communication. The user can perform a number of Rx tests including BER/PER tests with ease without requiring external DUT-controller software.

Dot Automation of multiple compliance tests
Dot Run All or Selected Tx/Rx tests
Dot Detailed reports for each test
Dot Save reports in .html or .xls formats (view the sample reports : HTML, .XLS )
Dot Configure individual Tests
Dot Load and Save test configurations
Dot Configurable test limits
Dot Optimized for Speed to target manufacturing industry

System Requirements

Dot System Memory: Minimum 512 MB; recommended 1GB
Dot Disk Space: 100 MB
Dot OS: Windows 2000/XP
Dot NI-PXI 5670 RF Signal Generator
Dot NI PXI 5421 (AWG)
Dot NI PXI 5610 (Upconvertor)
Dot Drivers : NI PXI RFSG 5670 Ver 1.1 or above
Dot NI-PXI 5660 RF Signal Analyser
Dot NI PXI 5600 (Downconvertor)
Dot NI PXI 5620 (Digitizer)
Dot Drivers : NI PXI RFSA 5660 Ver 1.5 or above
Dot Power Combiner
Dot LabVIEW Runtime Engine 7.1
Tests Transmitter Tests Receiver Tests
PLL Frequency Test Status  
TX Gain Test Status  
Spurious Emission Test Status  
Phase Noise Test Status  
IQ Measurements Status  
Power Spectral Density Status  
Carrier Suppression Test Status  
LO Leakage Status  
PER and BER Tests   Status
Adjacent/Alternate Channel Rejections   Status
Maximum Input Power Test   Status

ZigBee Automated Compliance Tests

View the sample reports

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