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WLAN (IEEE 802.11 abg) Toolkits

SeaSolve’s WLAN Toolkit is optimized for manufacturing tests which includes a set of LabVIEW VI’s. These VI’s can be configured as per the testing requirement which reduces the testing time drastically.

The Toolkit is highly versatile and can be utilized into development process. It seamlessly integrates with TestStand and can be used as a LabVIEW library.

The WLAN Toolkit consists a set of OFDM and CCK measurement VIs.

Toolkit VI’s

  • Configuration VI’s help to configure the RFSA for Power Spectral and Time domain Measurements
  • Acquisition VI’s return the waveform acquired by the RFSA for Power Spectral and Time Domain Measurements
  • Measurement VIs include EVM, PSD, CFO, Max Transmit Power, Transmit Power On Ramp, Transmit Power Down Ramp and Receiver Sensitivity VIs.
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