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WLAN Manufacturing Test

SeaSolve’s WLAN automated compliance tester for the manufacturing line combines WLAN signal generation, signal analysis and compliance testing solutions into one concise package. It offers great accuracy and speed and integrates with the National Instruments’ RF test equipment. Furthermore, the solution is able to control the WLAN device-under-test in order to achieve test automation.

Main screen of controller software


  • Automation of RF tests
  • Maintaining high device production throughout shop floor times
  • Completely test any device in just few seconds (RF tests)
  • Minimize radio interference at each test bench
  • Multiple device testing by Switch
  • Report Integration
  • Device Throughput
  • Flexibility in Hardware and Software
Dot Reduces investment costs to a great extent
Dot Operator friendly
Dot Provides very good device throughput
Dot Results are reliable and repeatable, given regular test bench calibration
Dot The same RF test hardware can be used for different wireless standards (not just WLAN). The platform supports testing up to 6.6 GHz
Dot Highly versatile and can be utilized in the design and/or production processes
Dot High modulation accuracy
Dot Verification of chipset/reference/prototype designs
Dot Elegant and easy to use
Dot Supports offline analysis (of signal data)
Dot View the HTML sample report

Set Up

Transmitter tests

  • Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)
  • Closed Loop Power (CLP)
  • Power Spectrum Density (PSD)
  • Occupied BW
  • Center Frequency Offset (CFO)

Receiver tests

  • Packet Error Rate (PER)
  • Bit Error Rate (BER)
  • Max. Input Power