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IQ Generator

The software creates a baseband I/Q waveform file based on the user-defined 802.11a/b/g settings and saves the signal files in .txt format on the computer’s local hard drive or any other specified location. In addition to creating ideal waveform files with or without a MAC configuration, the software provides configurations to create and save impaired signal.

WiLANTA IQ generator simplifies the 802.11a/b/g test signals by providing an intuitive graphical user interface which enables the user to quickly configure a standard based test signal with complete control over MAC Frame data.

WiLANTA IQ generator creates all supported 802.11b/g MAC Frames (Data, Management and Control) including the sub frames mentioned in the standard, and saves this information in .txt format.

WiLANTA IQ generator allows designers/engineers to accurately create and save ideal or impaired signals. The signal files can be downloaded to WiLANTA LVSA11bg signal analyzer or any other third party analyzer or generator.

Standards Supported
Data Rates Supported
Modulation formats Supported
MAC Frames Supported

Supports all the Sub Frame types mentioned in standard

Data configuration patterns

Build your own signals - Save the signal information in .txt format

Impairments Supported
Display Parameters
Extensive Graphical capabilities

IEEE 802.11b/g MAC Frame Format

Impairments Configuration

IQ Plot of the configured data