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Reed Solomon Encoder / Decoder IP Core

RS codes are block codes especially used for forward error correction purposes. Reed-Solomon (RS) decoders are key components in digital communication systems such as Storage devices, Disk Drives, Digital video Camera, Wireless broadband systems, Wireless modems, Satellite communication and Broadcast equipments.

SeaSolve’s RS encoder/decoder delivers a technology independent high performance VHDL core that can be implemented on various standards such as DVB, ATM and Wireless.

The code uses a single clock for synchronous purposes. The code flags the failures and counts the number of errors corrected and possesses 64 bits error correcting capability. The number of errors corrected, symbol size and codeword length are programmable. The code also supports continuous input data stream with out gap between code blocks.

SeaSolve’s RS encoder/decoder combined with SeaSolve’s Viterbi Decoder will deliver a high performance error correcting system.


For additional information and licensing of the IP core please contact: info@seasolve.com

Dot Code word length (n) = 204 symbols
Dot Message length (k) = 188 symbols
Dot Error correcting capability(t) = 8 symbols
Dot Symbol size(m) = 8 bits
Dot Field polynomial f(x) = x8 + x4 +x3 + x2 + 1
Dot Generator polynomial g(x) = (x + a0)(x +a1)…………….(x +a(2t – 1))
Dot No of syndromes = 16
Dot Fully synchronous design using a single clock
Dot Counts Flags failure if the number of errors is more than correctable errors
Dot 8-bit symbol size
Dot Indicate the first byte of each codeword
Dot 325 clocks latency
Dot Processing delay 204 cycles per codeword (1 cycle per symbol)
Dot Infinite length continuity
Dot Fully synthesizable VHDL code
Dot Fully functional test bench
Dot It has very efficient hardware
Dot 8 symbol (64 bits) error-correcting capability
Dot Customization on request
Dot Continuous high speed decoding algorithm
Dot Low gate count

Encoder Pin Diagram

Encoder Pin Diagram Decoder Pin Diagram
Dot Fully synthesizable vhdl code
Dot Fully functional test bench
Dot Documentation
Dot User guide
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