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Mobile WiMAX Signal Generator

The SeaMAX Mobile BS (Base Station) IQ generator is the industries low cost solution for Mobile WiMAX equipment and chipset manufacturers, Test Houses, R&D and Academia. SeaMAX Mobile BS IQ generator creates IEEE 802.16e compliant PHY signals required for testing the receiver functionality of Base stations.

SeaMAX Mobile BSIQ generator includes the basic and advanced features to generate WiMAX compliant signals.

The SeaMAX Mobile BS IQ signal generator creates IQ data for the Base Station. The signal generator is used to check the performance of base station receiver. It supports the DL subframe characteristics of a generated signal and creates ideal (distortion free) or impaired test signals for analysis purposes.

With the configuration options, the user can specify custom DL Burst profiles, a number of MSs, and the impairments for the signal.

Easily create signals to evaluate the performance of your radio designs, and the components that comprise them, under various parametric and functional test conditions at baseband, RF and microwave frequencies.

SeaMAX Mobile WiMAX generator includes the basic and advanced features to generate WiMAX compliant signals.

Standards Supported
Zone type supported
FFT sizes
Cyclic prefix values
Modulation formats
Data payload types
Frame configuration for Base Station
DL ratio
Sub channel bitmap
DLMAP repetition factor
MAP Type
Graphical utilities
DL burst configuration fields
UL burst configuration fields
Uplink burst configuration fields
Parameter display
Saving data

IQ Plot of the Downlink Signal

Power Spectrum Symbol Plot of the Downlink Frame

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