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Mobile WiMAX MAC IP Core

802.16e MAC IP Core (Intellectual Property Core)

The Seasolve WiMAX implementation is highly-optimized, IEEE 802.16e-2005 compliant Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol software for base station and mobile stations (MS).The design is very efficient, highly modular and easily portable to various processors and operating systems. SeaSolve implemented “OFDMA _ProfM1” profile for physical layer to ensure greater flexibility.

The MAC protocol supports Point to Multipoint (PMP) and its sub layer functionalities like Convergence sub layer (CS) provides interface with network layer in the protocol stack, performing classification of higher layer PDU's, delivering/receiving CS PDU's to/from appropriate MAC SAP, Common part sub layer (CPS) provides the MAC functionality like bandwidth allocation, connection establishment, connection maintenance. Privacy sub layer (PS) Providing authentication, secure key exchange for wireless security.


For additional information and licensing of the IP core please contact: info@seasolve.com

Compliance with the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard specification
Quality of Service (QOS) Provisioning
Packet Convergence
Scheduling Services
Scheduling Feature
Packet Features
Security Features
CRC Feature
Mobility management
Dot RTOS based 'C ' Source code /Binary image
Dot Test Case Document
Dot User Documentation

Reference Design

SeaSolve MAC software reference design comprises the following components

Dot WiMAX upper layer MAC firmware
Dot RTOS wrapper
Dot MAC API , PHY/MAC interface documents and architecture documents
IP Cores Resource