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Fixed WiMAX Signal Analyzer

SeaMAX IQ Analyzer Pro is IEEE 802.16-2004 standard specific measurement, testing and analysis solution for WiMAX Base Station (BS) and Subscriber station (SS) that follow WirelessMAN-OFDM physical layer specifications.

SeaMAX IQ Analyzer lets you set up the test bench for the complete analysis of BS and SS data in TDD and H-FDD mode. SeaMAX IQ Analyzer offers an extensive range of preprogrammed real time and offline, analysis and measurement features. The import function loads the IQ signal files from standard file (.txt) format. The analyzer lets you save the decoded data, visualize and analyze the WiMAX transmitter parameters including effect of impairments like fading channels, frequency offsets, IQ mismatch on the downloaded RF signal. The Analyzer enables decoding of the broadcast burst with/with out MAC Header.

SeaMAX Fixed Analyzer Pro provides the analysis of Full Frame data (BS and SSs combined), DL subframe data (BS), and/or UL subframe data (SSs).

Measurements set include Power Spectrum, EVM, Constellation diagram, CCDF, I/Q Plot, Channel Response, spectral flatness with extensive graphical capabilities.

SeaMax IQ Analyzer helps RF and Baseband engineers to analyze and troubleshoot WiMAX signals in order to verify their transmitter's performance and standard-compliance.

Standards Supported
Physical layer
Analysis Modes
Modulation Formats Supported
RF Settings
Saving Options
File Load Options
Duplexing Mode
Supported File Formats
Displayed Parameters
Error indication
Graphical Utilities

IQ Plot of the full Frame

EVM/Symbol Plot of the Downlink Frame

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